Totally Lost….

I am totally lost, the family comes in the house and the family goes out and I am here, trying to get a job but giving up hope, staring at my computer screen.  Eating away at my savings.. I wonder what the future holds. I feel that a resume is a person’s (forgive the term) […]

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Trying to come back (a year later)

  It has almost been a year since my last post. I have been full of paranoia, triggered by a threatening letter This triggered profound fear, paranoia. So fearful, I believed was getting prank calls from them and suspicious as my account internet passwords were failing.  (and I used LastPass a password system) THE ANGEL So […]

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Very dark days,

Wow! New dark days. My doctor works to throw drugs to help but I am in a challenging situation, forced to give up everything for my company or let it be taken over. The tension, of the dynamic contrast between trying to help others as I fall into a time of need makes it all […]

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Yep with Graduation, DONE … Even with crutches, I was able to do graduation!!! Tough to walk to the stage with a broken leg, I don’t give up, never give up!!! With Distinction, top 10 % of class double specialization. Very Cool! Broken leg getting better: Trying to stay positive! -Christian Aldus Darko PSY – […]

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One and only, friend gone….

You know how u have one friend…. The one you trust, have similar backgrounds, education, clubs and aspirations…. (3 yrs of frienship) then u let it slip out that .. I attend the depression and bipolar support group…. NO COMMUNICATION EXCOMMUNITION OFF OVER FINALE It sucks…. 1 to 0 my total friends Maybe I can […]

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Graduation and Change

Life Changes – Comment: if the company is worthless why does a billionaire give me over two hours of your time, when you make over 300 million dollars per year, to tell me how worthless my company (and lifes work is?) Answer – to take if for FREE, really.
He got so angry, that is eyes went to pinpoint and he had sweat stain in his custom tailored shirt and used colorful language that no gentleman would use….

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