A bit of background


(oil on canvas)

I have had depression my entire life, it is something that I have had to deal with and comes and goes.  I have several paintings which are actually a cry for help which I created during my teenage years.

For this painting was actually code for my own death.  The top part of the painting is crimson red – like blood, and it forms a tunnel which has a floor that is water or a lake.  It only gets darker.  However there are shafts of light on each side which come out and stop the person from going into the red dark tunnel.  They look like muscle tissue and it represents the strong personalities which keep me from going into the abyss.  And even though this is a message of hope, there is still a lonely leafless tree on the right, as through this process I still feel a loneliness deep within my soul.

A high school social worker wanted me to give her this painting, then later is was this social worker who then refused to continue counciling with me and claimed that I needed to go to outside counciling – and the high school social work office then refused to provide any more help.


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