Isolation – Painting

Isolation - Airbrush (water color), Oil on Canvas

This painting (and airbrush) was also done during my teenage years.  It depicts a person (myself) in a corner praying to God to have the strength to commit suicide.  The prayer is so dark and sad the tears between the persons fingers have turned to blood.  The person is in the corner since it shows the deep feeling of being trapped.  The person is green from the yellow cross and blue stain glass window cast an eerie green light in the room.  This green also form the color complement of red, which illuminates the blood between the figures fingers.
Why make a painting like this?  Well actually this painting was already created in my minds-eye and it was just a matter of painting it and putting it out there.  If I had flowers and deep happiness within I would be happy to have poured this out onto a canvas.


10 thoughts on “Isolation – Painting

  1. This is very good. I love the explanation and meaning behind it. Also I very much like your site, I was led here from a support site and reading your posts help me to understand a few things I knew but not on a conscious level..

  2. I am so happy to hear, that some how some way this blog can help people.
    I think people repress/fear and don’t share dark inner feelings…
    Please write anytime you are welcome.

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