Support Group – DBSA – Number 3

Depression and Bipolor Support Group

I felt good attending the meeting since I could provide help to others.

I know herbal treatments for : Anxiety,Depression and Sleeplessness

Also I was able to share with one couple an overview and steps toward treatment of mental illness.

My own darkness is at bay but creeping back as I have returned from Brazil to the frozen greyness of the midwest.
I clasp my hands and pray that I have the strength and the (prescription) drugs to get though.
The new thing that keeps me living is that I can help people and provide hope to others.

A little drawing from brazil.

Brazil, Machinos, PR

2 thoughts on “Support Group – DBSA – Number 3

  1. Hello,
    I work for a radio programme called World Have Your Say. Today (5th March) we are asking”Is Happiness a natural state ?” and discussing depression. It is based on an article in the New York times “The Upside of depression”. I would like to speak to some who understands depression and take part in our discussion.
    If you would be interested please e-mail me
    here is a link to our blog

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