keeping the secret at work

Well it is hard to keep the secret at work. A coworker confided in me that her daughter has an eating disorder and is exhibiting challenging behavior at home. I mentioned that she should remove any firearms from the house and and large quanities of medication or pills. And any warning signs like giving away prized items. She said I never thought of that, why do you know so much about this?


2 thoughts on “keeping the secret at work

  1. Many times we attract people to us that have their own challenging situation and because, suffering from mental illness, is one of the most difficult challenges it causes people like us to really empathize with any kind of suffering in others.
    Sad thing is that there is a stigma about being depressed/suicidal which causes people to feel ashamed and hide that most basic part of ourselves that makes us who we are.

  2. Thanks for understanding, you are so right. Just today my supervisor, now knows of my blog.. a feel fear and don’t want to lose my job, but at the sametime he is also a minister and is bound not to say anything (God willing). At least, I feel better being a little open, but it will be interesting if he is following my blog.. if I should move it.. or have the strength to continue sharing my feelings. (but it doesn’t give me really good ground become a manager).. ah well thanks for your post. I waited all night for someone to post something. Thanks for that.

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