Part Time MBA

I was accepted for a part-time MBA to a highly rated business school. One min down, next min I am up.  The Shakespearean wheel of fate.


2 thoughts on “Part Time MBA

  1. i wake in the morning wishing i had’d woke i hate life im a nam vet thats had back sugery dont drink i have to take my pain pills on a reg basis like i should but i still dream i dont know what to do my wife got laid off after 8years im ready to say hell with it va health care dont care thay want to put me in a syck ward ill die first i dont what to do

  2. Hello Joe,
    Thanks for writing.
    Try which can provide some much needed support.
    Please hold on, this recession it hurting everyone and ending it is no option.
    Although the VA is tough, many don’t even have that.
    You may want to start a journey of getting to see if you a diagnosed with depression.
    Doing this takes bravery and courage. My dad is a vet.
    Once diagnosed you can start meds, look at life style changes of diet, exercise, building friendships… you can do it.
    Please God let the healing begin for you and your family.

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