Attended the American Suicide Foundation for Prevention

Well I attended the American Suicide Foundation for Prevention last night, ASFP they were sponsoring a video and panel on bipolar and depression.

It was interesting that almost everyone there had a person who a committed suicide which was close to them, a bother, spouse or daughter.

It was really sad and I felt a little guilty since this is an issue for me suicidal thoughts.  I guess it is a wake up call that it is real, and it really hurts people when it happens.  It gives me glimpse how devastating it would be for my wife and my son would grow up without a father.  (And my wife is expecting)

I wanted to share a picture which I found touching from the Night Out Walk event in Chicago 2009.  The photo is a father and mother with there child who had committed suicide on the mothers red shirt.  Very sad. 😦

Daughter's photo who committed Suicide on t-shirt

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