The Big Spill

I have been keeping my depression a secret at work. Well, I spilled the beans, I shared with my supervisor that I was helping people in the office and at one of the city’s hospitals and I have my blog.  I also commented that several people have written in and I have tried to provide help and guidance.  The next thing I know he says, what is the web address?  I try to think what can I do.. well I gave it to him.  He looked at it, sat me down, talked to me and truly seems to care.
The truth is I am afraid, will I get fired, passed over for promotion, will this address get handed out to others in the office?

I have many other concerns and issues, I know that everytime people find out about my depression it has never been good for me. -really-

God help me to get through this.. I truly make my own problems..

I fear dark clouds are coming my way.

Magritte - (click for slide show - expand to full screen)

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4 thoughts on “The Big Spill

  1. I believe in the saying…Everything happens for a reason…I had a really awful night and that is what brought me to your site tonight, so maybe I learn from myself as well….when words fall out of your mouth in the absence of thought, maybe it is through God’s grace….if things go wrong at work because of this, then maybe you are meant for greater things….if you find a superior who cares enough to recognize the next time you aren’t having a great day…then awesome. Bad days are just a matter of perspective. If you look at an impressionist painting up close….it doesn’t make a lot of sense and it doesn’t look very pretty….but step back and you’ll see a much different view. All I am saying is, the worst day…when you get fired, and broken up with and no one calls….at the end of your life…as you step back….you might think thank God I took my finger off the trigger and gave it one more thought…or I never would have heard that knock at the door……

  2. Me – Thank you for the caring and understanding.

    I did change the site by adding a 1 at the end of the name. Moreover, you have tried to provided a positive perspective through art, which I do. As I understand you, you are saying that life is like Seurat (Seurat the dot – Sunday Afternoon in the Park, ect) which is made of individual experiences and the parallel which you have drawn is between the perspective on a painting and on life or life experiences.. like little dots of paint equals points in time. Thank you for this insight, I will reflect on this..
    Thank you for sharing

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