Well my work will not let me do the for the DBSA Peer Specialist training even though I work for a health care company, however I am only in the computer department. A let down, but a counselor told me in high school “don’t tell yourself no, let the world tell you no.” Well I guess it did that today.

I gave it a shoot, but I need my sick/vacation time since I have a new baby on the way and will have visitors from Brazil.

But still a little sad.


13 thoughts on “Denied

  1. We don’t know yet but there is a large chance it is a girl according to the hospital tech.(Looking at the images)

    Take care

  2. A 2 bummer h u feel better. I am about a 3 working hard to fix things pls see my blog about my last dbsa meetng. I hope u feel better *hug* try journalling ur feelings may make u feel better and can help u understand things like triggers (things that can trigger u into dark and sad feelings). See something weird watch salad fingers on utube.
    Take care urself

  3. at school my friend wanted me to open up to her and tell her what im thinking.well i think i might have scared her off.

  4. Kjh
    Yes this is though y r dealing with issues that even adults cannot talk about. Instead of trying to open up to peers I recommend talking to experts, u are advanced dealing w advanced issues and ur peer may not be equiped to handle it, instead of putting them though an emotional dish washer u will have to learn to reach out to pros at this time in ur life. But this is just my advice, if I would of had meds though my earlier years I would have been much better time, instead I felt like dieing all the time. Now I can control myself more and have relationships. Take care

  5. Wow, that is tough, please ask your councilor how to approach this. Also there maybe resources in you community that could help you. Ironically, you have to be strong to get help, and build your support system.
    I wish you luck, it was challenging for me when I had these issue and felt alone when in school, but you are not alone.

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