Dark Package

You are sitting at home, just like any other day then there is a knock at the door, it is the UPS man and he gives you a package which you accept. You instantly think it may be Amazon.com or maybe something from the family. Looking on the package you see that the return address is the same as your mailing address so u really don’t know who it is from. This seems interesting enough, so you open up the package and find that it contains a beautiful mahogany wooden box with a brass clasp in the front. Excited, you open the box and find that the inside has a dark red, crushed velvet interior. Upon opening it further you find there is a golden necklace with some type of charm on it. You carefully take the necklace from the case to inspect the charm that hangs from it. It has an engraved picture of the sun on one side and the moon on the other.
You put on the necklace around your neck feeling a child like happiness with this new treasure. Your mind starts to wonder, what person is this from?  However, delighted that you keep it, thinking about the possibilities of having a secret admirer.
After wearing the necklace for about a month praying to met the person who gave you this, are sitting alone playing with it. Secretly you believe someone in your family sent it to you. Then you notice that the charm unscrews. Following the fine thread you gently unscrew it, hoping for a note, number, tiny photo or some type of a clue. Once it is opened you empty the contents out in front of you. A little pile of ash falls out. Curiously you taste it, a bit salty, you think. And then it hits you, a wave of heat runs up and down your body and then you feel dizzy and sick. You realize that – these are cremains – they are from the ashes of a person. Your heart leaps, suddenly you remember the dark posts you read about the depressed wordpress blog online several months before. Could this be? But how? To my home address?  How very sad.

For while this was a gift from an admirer, it was a dying gift, a last wish.  For you only hope that this person has been freed from their pain.


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