My Art – Night River

Night River, 18″ x 24″ Oil on Canvas

Night River for me is the journey of silently watching the flow of the river styx.  It is an empty landscape with awe of a pink sunset dotted with the sun.  While this painting is not death, however it deals with the same themes of the darkness of depression.  The landscape is filled with the isolation and loneliness.
Anyone still out there?

9 thoughts on “My Art – Night River

  1. I was drawn to your image… You are the artist so you know best but for me it holds a lot of tension in it, the pink and the blue being opposite, and so confrontational. And the reflection, I wonder if that is a recurring pattern for you? For me it is a crescent moon reflecting in a night time sky. I wonder if you have more art to share? I’d love to see it. I’m an art therapist! You might like to take a look at my blog, because, if you page down through it, you will find similar visual themes I imagine. Thanks for sharing your art! Diane at

  2. You have a great blog,
    Thank you for taking an interest.
    Yes I have some more work on this blog, and I will post more work in the future.
    Thank you

  3. Hi ! I just want to add that today_while looking one more time at this picture _I’ve had a sensation of longing and waiting for something good to happen_as being expressed through it by it’s author…But,once again _I do not feel it as somber,dark or gloomy…Rather_tenderly vibrating with hope and longing_maybe for kindness.
    Again_I like it very much and I find it beautiful.

  4. I love this picture. It is very beautiful and peaceful to me. It reminds me of a morning swim out on the Great Lake of Michigan. When it is quiet, and all you can hear are the first of the Sea Gulls just waking up, and the water is still calm. You can see the sun reflecting in the water as you swim into it. I just love it. It is my most favorite time of the day, that and at sun set. It is quiet and peaceful and most of my demons are at rest. Thanks for this picture.

  5. Hi, I like your artwork and expression of depression through art. It seems we have a bit in common across the blogosphere. If you would like, you’re more than welcome to submit to my non-profit art project called Draw that Beast. The concept is simple: if depression was sitting across from you, what would it look like?

    At any rate, please check out the project and I hope you contribute.

    Good luck in your journey,

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