my feelings on the other side

Well I offically am on the other side now instead of being the suicidal one scaring others, I am scared for my friend. It offically sucks to be on the other side caring about someone who has suicidal adation. I almost think that it is actually worse than the illness. I am offically glad that I am not a thearapist as an occupation.
Now I know why that girl in high school freaked out (and still doesn’t want to talk to me or attend reunion events). Or why the high school social work department dumped me and sent me to another counciling group. This depressed suicial adation group of people is a really hard group to be with. I used to think others were not deep enough or that they didn’t get it, but now I know it is tough to be with self absorbed people who think of their own death all the time, I understand the suffering but it is still tough on the other side.


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