Painting & Journal Entry

My shot at impressionism.

Journal Entry:

I have made friends with darkness.

A woman in Chicago how is as dark as I am or worse and is alone, and a friend in Brazil.  Does it help?  Well, I provide friendship and support, and they do too.  I am not alone and others are challenged too.

What’s my deal tonight – reading about personal power in corporations for my MBA class, and I lack political power and seem to do everything wrong in the book.  But why take the class… to learn.. I guess I have tons of behavior learning to do.


4 thoughts on “Painting & Journal Entry

  1. Unknown friend,

    I am suffering also in spite of having a deep scientific back ground. I am only 25% active as a result of human cruelty. But I never give up. Life is a long story and hence I try to be as brief as possible. I entered in metaphysical research on he basis of my scientific background to probe suffering of self and others. Here is my advice to best of my knowledge.

    The modern world is a vicious circle of clever and confused. The clever eats the confused and the confused submits to the clever. It is crystal clear that you belong to the confused class. I neither believe the confused can ever become clever nor I like clever people–they are ugly spots in human society.

    Staying alive needs money and do whatever you can to earn sufficient money–make no compromise in this regard. If that means a bit of heartlessness, let it be. Your neighbors or the government are not interested to keep you alive. So, no compromise.

    Beware of the corporate culture. All materials directed towards corporate promotion have same one philosophy–to make the confused believe everything in favor of the corporate barons. If you feel confused with my words, here is my simpler explanation. They want you to become a bonded laborer. So, you need not and must not believe everything in books or corporate culture. Mentally assess what goes in your favor and against you. Make decisions accordingly. The summary is to ensure a smooth path of cash flow–as best as possible.

    As for the rest of your life, listen to the bird song, watch the butterflies. Dive deep into yourself and go down your memory lane. Arrive at the time when you sang to the stars, “Twinkle twinkle little stars…” You were happy back then as you spoke to the stars. The stars are God’s lighthouse to guide distressed souls. That is why you had the original smile of happy life. Since you no more talk to the stars, they do not shine in your life any more. So, you taught to paint a phony smile on your face. Break away from the modern habits that make man robots and morons. Why not renew your relationship with Nature, which is God’s nature? Watch the classics like Born Free, The Sound of Music and relearn the childhood wisdom of happiness.

    You are born free and you are to stay free. Surrender to God in any form that you like. I only suggested some ways. Romance is another antidote of mental gloom. Sadly, modern people learn sex and not romance. If you cannot remember sweet romance, go through some Fairy tales and the romantic aura will descend unto you.

    My summary message is, break away and become a tornado of joy. If you can afford, take waltz lessons and see how the merry-go-round motions awaken joy out of your own consciousness. If you do not believe, hold the hand of a family member and rotate on the clear floor preferably with accompaniment of a piano concerto of moderate tempo. I personally like Tchaikovsky’s “Nutcracker suite.” It is an awfully wondrous musical movement that drives out gloom by an almighty force.

    I gave you only a few suggestions. You may freely share these with any person other than clever persons. Stay away from clever persons as much as you can, except for the purpose of earning money. Build up a network with happy people. They are willing souls to make others happy. They usually can advise better than the average persons.

    Best of luck. May God bless you.

  2. Hello,
    Wow this is the best advice anyone has given me.

    I currently surround myself with:

    MBA Program – Clever People
    DBSA Support Group – Depressed People
    Maybe Church & Family – Happy People?
    But I clearly need to work at this.
    It makes sense surround yourself with what you want to be like, if you want a happy life then you should surround yourself with happy people.
    This is deceptively simple.
    Thank you for this profound guidance.

  3. Dude,
    Depression sucks hard however it is very easy to recover so get help from a psychiatrist no matter how long you are in this situation.

  4. Good point. I am currently seeing both a psychiatrist and a psychologist, basically I will try about anything to get out of this. That is what makes is so challenging….

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