Ever have an Art Showing?

I was asked if I ever had an art showing:

>Have you ever had a showing?
Yes I had a show in Chicago in a coffee house back in 94,
I was in a student show at the School of the Art Institute in 95
and showed in several student shows across from Carnegie Hall on 57th Street in NYC
at the New York Student Art League in 2002 and 2004.
Actually my work disturbs people so many of the canvas’s have been pulled from their stretchers
and have been put into storage.

It is like this quote in the Movie The Sixth Sense –
Cole Sear: We were supposed to draw a picture. Anything we wanted. I drew a man. He got hurt in the neck by another man with a screwdriver.
Malcolm Crowe: You saw that on TV, Cole?
Cole Sear: Everyone got upset. They had a meeting. Mom started crying. I don’t draw like that anymore. Malcolm Crowe: How do you draw now? Cole Sear: I draw… people smiling, dogs running, rainbows. They don’t have meetings about rainbows.

When I was off medication I painted these images, my true feelings, I did not know where they came from.  When art teachers reviewed my sketch books, I would get send to the councilors office.
Now I use pastels and draw lake/ocean/pond/flower scenes.  Perhaps I am deluding myself…
However, just recently I am rediscovering my inner-self as I have returned from New York back to Chicago.

Check out the art work. (more to be added)


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