A good day

A good day, bike ride, a kids birthday party, a block party, made balloon animals making kids smile, a new face book friend.  The sun was shining, I must remember, to keep my spirits high.

Please grant me more good days.


2 thoughts on “A good day

  1. Hi ! I am so glad to read such a post from your part !By the way(about making other people smile)_God has much (if it could be quantified !) sense of humour, too…So,don’t be afraid to search some good sites of jokes_and take a wholehearted lough, anytime you can…I think you’ve already noticed that positiveness_as darkness and gloom_is contagious, too…So,try to avoid everything on that side(including persons)_ and surround yourself with bright and serene ones…Consider this as a an expression of goodness directed toward yourself,from your own part.You know_ no one can be really good toward others _unless that one is,first,good and kind to himself…
    And it is scientifically proved that lough also boosts the oxygenation of the brain.
    In the end_I want to add that,at this moment_the most valuable thing you can offer to this tormented humanity_is your healing and freeing from this suffering.
    Remember that I pray for you_inviting God to bless you !But you have my best wishes,too (as a bonus!) !

    Oh,I’ve almost forgotten:how did you find out,so quickly_ where am I from?!You,smart one!But why Amsterdam ?!

  2. Thank you for puring your positive energy on my. To say I am bipolar is true, for at times I am high, feeling great, and now I am starting to descend a bit and I am frustrated and scared.

    I fell honor to have the attention of a Romanian in Amsterdam. I sense you are strong from also knowing the other side / feeling the darkness first hand. I enjoyed the Amsterdam while I visited en-route to France. (Your IP Address said Amsterdam, not that I am trying to track you.)

    I need to invite God in… really.. but how? Prayer? any guidance is appreciated. RU Orthodox?

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