An Angel from a far sends messages of hope and caring.

A very kind proactive person has been posting to this forum deep caring which has touched me, like of like the rock climber (see last post).  Can I descend in the abyss when there is caring?

mariamneincastalia says:

“Hi! This is God’s intervention_ manifested into your life !…
When those dark thoughts or inner states come back  (as everyone_not only the depressive persons _has such moments, from time to time)
rapidly direct your mind to Him_  tell and pronounce,on and on_ His name   .Till you feel those thoughts_like some black birds_vanish and leave you in peace.

By doing so_ You’ll elicit a quick response from His part_ which will come in the form of good , full of light,serene,positive_”vibration” (felt as an influence),coming upon your soul and mind.
But remember to reiterate your invitation for Him to come into your life !As a confirmation,a sign that you did mean that_when you have made such  invitation for the first time.
And,also_take time to pray _apart from those emergency situations I was speaking about  at the beginning of this post…Choose a moment when you are calm_go to your “little room”(as it is written in the Bible,in The New Testament) and pray_have a talk with God,tell Him everything that’s on your heart and mind_your sorrows,your pain,your wishes and hopes.Just talk to him as you would do with a good friend..Be direct,not formal_be as you are in that moment !If you are sad_be sad,if you are furious _be that way,express yourself in front of Him,in His presence.He will respond.There are many ways that He will do so_but he will do it_that’s for sure !Just pay attention !
Try to do this “talk” everyday !

I was so happy reading  your words,here,in this post (Positive Course of events – post)  !Tears came to my eyes !

I leave you in the care of your new friend_God !”

Wow, energy and caring, it really makes me feel better.  The truth is when I am at the end of my rope, I am willing to try new things, why not right, what do I have to loose?

I appreciate any thoughts which you (the reader of this) may have, what do you think?


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