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As I so often sit on the ledge of life and death, I remember my best friend and her husband telling me to, instead of jumping off the ledge, fall back into them and let them catch me. So profound and powerful that statement was and to this day remains ever etched in my mind. Let them catch me? I don’t even know if I want to be caught at times. But, I think we all need catching sometimes. I think that we all need to be herd, loved and understood. I think that we all at times are in need of rescuing. I think we all have stories that we are dying to tell. I hope that you, being a member of this group allows for you to feel free and be yourself. And in being yourself you can peel away the layers of you and find out in the end how beautiful you, and your stories are. Please don’t feel like you will be judged here. I will not cast any judgements on anyone, as I know all too well that feeling. Nor will I allow anyone to be attacked or hurt here. I suffer from Bipolar 2, BPD, Depression and PTSD. Even though I have these illnesses, they are not who I am. They are just things I have to deal with. I attempted suicide in 1997 and since then have struggled with the thought of it more than I would like to admit. Let us be a support for each other. We could all use more support at times. Please feel free to write what you want, when you want, as much as you would like. I look forward to hearing from you, and hopefully this will be a place where we can all be real and heal! ♥ Thanks so much~ Katrina (Peeling Away the Layers, Group on Facebook)


2 thoughts on “Facebook Group – Peeling Away the Layers – BP Group

  1. hihihihi,l wanna know whatta fuck is wrong with me?why am i just fukin livin a endless fuckin lonely emty motherfuckup life?what a fuck is everything?

  2. Well awareness is the first step. So you have already started.
    I recommend the first step is getting diagnosed as to what challenges you may be having depression / schizophrenia / agoraphobia / generalized anxiety disorder. Then there is a treatment plan which can include therapy, medications, herbals, working on social skills, meeting friends and more. There is hope and you have already taken the first step by reaching out.
    Take care

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