A Nights Rest – Passion Flower

I first discovered this remedy as recommended by natives in Brazil, consuming passion fruit was a way to relax, sleep better and have less nightmares.  (I would eat the inside of the fruit including all the seeds as directed.)

Now that I am back in the US and it is hard to find passion fruit, so I use the herbal supplement Passion Flower.

Ah, a nights rest.  After taking the supplement and sleeping, I find the next morning that I don’t feel tired or lethargic, or lose energy, I  just feel calm and centered.  I have been taking it for about 6 months now. (5 x 350mg)

I find it is better than my Rx Meds: Lunesta which makes me feel tired the next day (and cloudy thinking like I have cotton in my head), Sonata which can make me grouchy and Ambien which makes me think dark thoughts (and the big S) the next day.  All of these Rx, I have used over 20 times so I am very familiar.

Remember fighting depression and suicidal thinking requires good sleep hygiene and part of that is getting 8 hours per night.

I wish you well.


2 thoughts on “A Nights Rest – Passion Flower

  1. Can I get the Passion Flower at any market or just health food stores? I have taken everything I can for sleep with no help. I am on 5 nights right now with a half an hour of sleep. Did you start out at 1750 mg’s a day? Thanks!

  2. Health food stores, however if you cannot sleep for may nights you may need an
    Rx or other Herbals which can be even stronger like HTP or (Tripophine(sp)).

    Good luck and good sleep.

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