Manic Episode – hope I don’t loose my job.

I had a Manic Episode… I had a executive (my bosses,bosses, boss) from my work in the back of a taxi with a software vender to go to a strip club which I told them all we should go to… we get there and… doors locked… but the night gets worse from there…

Maybe it will be written off as boys will be boys or more… we will see..

I wish I had a little more implus control during these episodes or a good friend how would stop my crazy plans..


2 thoughts on “Manic Episode – hope I don’t loose my job.

  1. Hi ! don’t be so upset about that !You have to manifest some patience toward yourself !As a matter of fact our illnesses or any kind of deficiency _are a manifestation of that energy which is in opposition with The Light of God…It will try to keep you under its power;this is the cause man could not succeed,alone_without God _in this unfair fight…But remember_you do have God on your side_from the moment you invited Him into your life !And remember those words by which I called His name upon you _those words which attracted His blessing !All that are not empty talk !Read on The Bible _the mentioned chapter !(and,of course,not only that chapter !)
    To distract you ,a little, from your current sadness _let me tell you how have I arrived here,at your blog_ some days ago…I think it will make you ponder and meditate _ on
    God’s plan about you…
    …So,that day_I just had opened the MSN page _and my eyes have been attracted by a title speaking about The Medici family…I”ve clicked on that title _and went on reading some quite dull article about how most recent laboratory tests done by biologist and forensic anthropologists had shown that some Medici guy had died from malaria _and not by being poisoned by his brother as it has been thought till those test (which had shown traces of Plasmodium falciparum in cells taken from his bones).Why do I give so many details about that boring article ?Because I want you to realise how far from your blog’s was that article’s subject.As that guy hadn’t died from depression or even from some sadness or boredom ..At this point ,maybe you’ll ask your self,too_ how would come that, in the Google adds corner_ on that very page ,appeared your blog entitled like this :”My Inner Shadows/A personal weblog About Living with Depression.Another World Within.”
    As you could imagine _the discrepancy between this link’s title and the article about those Medici_made me curious and,this way,I’ ve arrived here,reading the posts_feeling your pain and struggle _ and trying to encourage you on the path toward God …

  2. I invite God to come on in, welcome!

    Thanks for finding my blog, yep don’t know how Google does it but I am blessed that you found it.

    (excuse me for my honesty but that is the helpfulness of the blog)
    Basically, I am trying to stop taking Lorazepam 2mg (Tranquilizer a benzodiazepine working on GABA receptors) as I have been told colors will increase in vibrancy…. and taking them has caused weight gain. But doing this has triggered a manic episode / mixed with drinking creates hyper-sexual desires.

    Upon writing this it makes me think I need to have a better plan than just slowly stop taking these, instead maybe a herbal like Kavakava can be a good intermediary while I slowly get adjusted. Also you may recommend prayer (and not drinking) I think I will do these too.

    Thanks for being there!

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