Super Manic – Super Man

Hold on to your wallets the manic side of bipoloar disorder is here.

(term) Mania – typically occurs as a symptom of bipolar disorder (a mood disorder characterized by both manic and depressive episodes). Individuals experiencing a manic episode often have feelings of self-importance, elation, talkativeness, sociability, and a desire to embark on goal-oriented activities, coupled with the less desirable characteristics of irritability, impatience, impulsiveness, hyperactivity, and a decreased need for sleep.

What am I experiencing: heighten sexual feelings, I don’t sleep much, excessive ordering off the internet, and more.

What have I done: Waxed the car (I never do this), Pulled Weeds, Edged the Lawn, Converted all my toilets to duo-ecoflush toilets, ordered a new bed, went to a strip club (very unusual for me), have clothes tailored, cleaned out closets and laid out my wardrobe for the entire week, and more…

What am I going to do: Talk to the Depression and Bipolar Support Group and see how others cope, maintain my work schedule, try to maintain my sleep schedule, stay away from caffeine, be aware of impulse purchases, trips or ideas – like starting a campaign to run for president 😉

Goals: Keep my health, keep my credit score, keep my job and maybe get some artwork done.

Music Video which captures the feeling:


7 thoughts on “Super Manic – Super Man

  1. Thank Maria mne in Castalia (did I get that right).

    Last toilet upgraded to the ecoflush!
    Which I had an electric car and solar panels on my roof to be super eco.

  2. I don’t get it;maybe you wanted to say “wish I had an electric car…”?!
    In fact I am (trying to belong there) in Hesse’s Castalia…

    Keep in mind that your desire to have God into your life _is the true prayer.It may be as little as a “mustard seed”_but it is absolutely needed !It is like the growth bud on a plant_must be cherished and valued, guarded_in order not to be harmed or freeze…Without this bud the plant wouldn’t grow and without your desire_God cannot “enter” into your life_it’s a question of free will,very important in His eyes.
    Without keeping this desire after the moment of need has gone _the person’s advancement on the path towards God is endangered.
    …Maybe the reason most people return to God in times of sorrow,in hard moments of their lives is because _ then at least( and finally) ,this desire is clear,sincere and powerful.Perhaps later in your life you will have feelings of gratitude towards your present sorrows,towards the depression itself_because it gave you (or increased it_by making you to be in need for God’s help)this desire about Him.
    The problem is that we,humans_ask and wish His help(for this or that_ big or less important problem or aspect of our reality)_but not Himself,as a person.Doesn’t this look like we ,as a species_want just to use Him ?
    Unfortunately _too often a person does not know what is to be done_as this relation with God to become permanent .Too often_churches miss the point _for various reasons,leading people in wrong ,sterile directions…
    But this won’t happen to you! Not “during my watch”!

    Allow me to tell you a joke:
    “With all those beautiful fiancees_where so many ugly wives come from ?!”
    Guess how does this joke relate with this comment’s ideas !

  3. Hi !I’ve forgotten to ask what is an ecoflush ?And I have to admit that, earlier _I didn’t perceive your subtle smile on the last part of your post…The language barrier is
    quite important _in my case;so you’ll have to excuse me_for this time_and,in advance_for, probably, many other to come !
    But, maybe these future occasions won’t come!As_ when re-reading my own posts_here,on your blog _they looked to me quite stiff and didactic_and this has made me think that, for you and your guests,here_they might seem almost pompous (and me,too!)…Probably the time has come,for me _to “go to my place”!I mean to my blog…And let me have there_ overflown my more or less inspired elucubrations & elaborations !

  4. Hesse’s Castalia – You are a philosopher? Do you recommend something to read?

    Thank you for the Joke.

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