Lost and found

I have a friend who suffers from bipolar disorder and she recently skipped group so I was worried. Now she had resurfaced and feels really low. It is extraordinary – one day she is discovering insites about herself and her condition then another day she is dark with a weak will to live.
I thought I knew all the answers but it is tough because only she can really realize herself worth or make the friends and connections that she needs. I send her positive energy and positive energy to anyone who reads this. Hang in there..


20 thoughts on “Lost and found

  1. I was just looking for some books about depression when I had found your blog’s ad among ‘Google Books’. I’m grateful to be here. I’m struggling with depression for years and always wanted to connenct people with similar problems. As I read you I can feel I’m not alone and your writings give me hope. Thanks for it. Sorry for my English. I’m from Hungary, not from the States. I started writing about my depression in my blog. Maybe I’ll find some people to chat with about our disease and share our experiences. Your pictures’re simply georgeous! I’m following you and pray for you.:-)

  2. Hi,Agi and Christian !
    But, what if _instead of talking about the “monster”(depression)_we would choose to talk_just like that,directly,without much preparation_ about God ?!You’d be surprised by the ideas and the thoughts that would come through your minds…
    For the moment_I’ll just say that when doing this_talking about God_we ‘d invoke His presence among us…And_where He comes_ He brings with Him His positive energy,manifested (I mean_being felt by us) as “good vibration”.And this is “bad news” for the monster_which would,simply,back off…
    So what do you say _”are you in ?”

  3. I think it’s a good idea. Unfortunately I don’t feel I’m in the near of God right now. Anyway I don’t feel much at all because of the ‘monster’.:-) I belive in God. I’ve been christian for my childhood, mess on every Sunday, community, praying group, ect., but I got further and further from God. I really don’t know why. Maybe because I’ve fallen out of my communities, not accepted because of my ‘monster’, not be healed by God. I can hardly pray and reading the Bible. That’s me, sorry. I miss the daily contact of God very much. He was the most important thing in my life. Maybe it’d help me if you share with me your experiences. Thanks for it in advance.:-)

  4. Hi,again,folks from everywhere !
    Agi,when I’ve read your post,here,this morning _ I’ve got the imagine of a little bird arrived from far,tired after a long flight_ on a window’s sill …
    I’m sure this hasn’t happened by chance !Welcome aboard,little bird !
    Have you read,yet,Christian’s post entitled “Update”_posted on May 8th ?
    Guess, why am I asking this !?

  5. Hello Agi, so glad you found a place.

    Other good places are:
    walkers.org – 24 hour a day chat

    U R not alone I found that there are many people struggling with issues of depression, suicidal feelings, dark thoughts but there are ways to get help, friendship and hope.
    Take Care,
    Facebook – Christian Darko

  6. She is so low, feels that no one loves her, stays inside the entire weekend, she says that if her life ended it would be no big deal. Maybe I should talk to the head of the support group who is also a therapist and try to get her help. I wish she would go to talk therapy. I don’t get it when I was at this point I would do ANY THING to get help, why not when you are facing the end. But my friend will not even try, that is what makes it tough…. I guess she just has to ride it out like a small boat out at sea.. God help her I think she is at a dangerous place but I don’t have the expertise to really know what to do.

  7. Thanks for welcoming me as a tired, little bird. It made me happy and reminded me that days when I walked with Jesus on my way and a lot of ordinary miracles happend with me ‘by chance’.:-) I started longing for that days. I knew God loves people through me and I was loved by God through other people. In spite of suffering from depression I was under his cover. Nice memories.:-)

    I tried to guess why you recommended me ‘Update’ post. Maybe Christian got better and I’d also be better soon. (I started taking Paroxat – antidepressant – again). Maybe I’ve a 2 months old niece, Lili, and her love can make me strong. Maybe you’d like to encourage me trusting in God and people who’ll help me in time like Christian tried to help to his co-worker. Could I find it?:-)

    Christian, a lot of time it could make a difference when a small group of people pray for somebody. I did it when I participated in a prayer group. We, 3 of us, can start praying for her. I’ll start it in this evening.

    Good night! It’s night, dark and cold, here in Hungary.

  8. Hi !
    Forgive me for passing by only now_I’ve been quite busy since my last post…But most part of my thoughts were directed towards to you Agi and Christian…
    Thank you for your visit on my blog,Christian but,as you could see_ it is still in construction.I”m trying to install some fonts_without complete results_and this is the reason I’ve opened it (initially it was private),as I was hoping someone from the Typekit support team would come and see what have I missed that makes those fonts refuse to install…
    Agi_on that post of Christian from May 8th there is my mail address.Please,send me an e.mail !
    TLC !

  9. Sorry, I’m like Winnie the Pooh, ‘bear of little brain’.:-) I’ve read the post ‘Update’ May 10. Otherwise I had got a chance to guess it. Thanks for the possibility I’m writing the mail right now.:-)

  10. I think that you are both Romanian, I also work with a Romanian who is very cool!

    The Romanian that I work with is a real survivor he was in a comma for 3 months, paralyzed and has willed himself to walk and talk. Then because of the medical bill he declared bankruptcy and was homeless, this would have killed me, but now he owns two beautiful properties. It is amazing.

    Agi please keep posting, I need activity please.

  11. Thank you so much anything is helpful. She needs to see the light, she needs to know that she can go for talk therapy. I cannot understand her logic, if she is going to give up and die, then why not try ANYTHING since you are going away anyways… give it a shot. But she resists. The weekends are the worst for her due to her deep isolation. I am learning that I cannot save her, but that she is a resource for me with my latest manic episode.

  12. OMG ! Another Romanian ?! That’s how you’ve guessed about where am I from !
    Oh,this was a huge surprise_for me ! Such a “coincidence” !
    Told you_God has an immense sense of humour !
    Right now _He is smiling at us !

  13. Hi, DillaDanial ! Welcome,here_where you are most needed !Be sure_it is not by chance that you have arrived here…I’ll ask God to give to you,again_the good thought to come back,on this place !

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