Feeling Scared and Down

Feeling Scared and Down this morning, unsure about everything and everyone.

Am I making the right choices?  Have I done the right things?  Do people care?….

Ah, the fun of a mood disorder one day on top, the next I feel scared and worthless.


20 thoughts on “Feeling Scared and Down

  1. I’ve suffered from depression since my early 20s’. I’ve been on and off many antidepressents drugs not to mention illegal drugs. My beloved husband was murdered last year in May and I have not gotten over it. I started using my antidepressents again today but I feel so much like you do. But, in my case, I’m sure that no one truly understands or cares to know excatly what I’m going through.

  2. So sorry to hear about your loss, I hope that you are trying to get over the grief with therapy, I can only imagine.

    I am so happy to get your comment, I had read on another site how a person did not care for this site since it was not “helpful” and actually that is the point, it is simply a person (myself) going through bipolar disorder. Others have said that this is helpful (in the about section), because they found that no one truly understands them except for this site, which shows that others deal with suicidal feelings and are working to get better. I only wish positive things for people. For myself I am striving to be HONEST with myself and this I believe is the start to healing. Thank you for your honesty.

  3. And it is OK,also, to be upset with God !But you have to express that sorrow,that disappointment_even anger _to Him,by specifically addressing Him !Give Him a chance to answer !
    Being sincere,spontaneous and direct_has a great importance in one’s relation to God_but not as much on moral grounds (I mean_not as much because sincerity,honesty,etc_are positive moral values ) but rather on some “technical ” ones…Because in such moments_of total sincerity,of totally being yourself (as you are in that moment) in your expression to Him_ you arrive at a point in which you speak to Him from your heart_and, by doing this, you actually connect your heart to Him…And this is all about _the connection of a person’s heart _to God !From this point on_a marvelous chain of events will follow !All you will have to do_will be to persist on this newly started relation.It will grow bigger and bigger…Till_ your slight impression,from the beginning,that “something ” is happening_ will get to be certitude …And that’s the real faith_the personal certitude !From that moment ,on,_you won’t just believe _but know,for certain,that God exists and that you are in a personal relation with him !
    …Believe me-the healing of your depression _will be just a little part of the effects of the fact that you,willingly ,consciously _have entered in this relation_by having connected your heart to Him !

  4. I wiLl try what level? Grammer, hs, college, grad or phd?
    What would happen if (or can u) drop the class?
    Do u know an expert in the subject who can help?

    Is the subject one that is your major or area of your lifes work?

  5. I feel scared and unsure whether this one thing that I’m doing is a right thing to do….
    I’m afraid if it will not work then it’s like I hurt others feeling who counts on me…what should i do…?

  6. Hi,Dilla ! You know , probably, the saying :”when you don’t know what to do _do nothing !”.I’m not in the position to give you any advice_and you were not specific about the problem…But I know,for sure,these:
    1)God does exist_He is a being(not a force,although He has tremendous power;but
    we shouldn’t treat Him as a force_He is not like,let’s say, the electric energy…D’oh !)
    We,as humans_could not have a better view about Him ,than that of regarding Him
    as a person…I think that this is the maximum a man is capable of_and I can assure
    you that God is satisfied when we reach this understanding_even if our conception
    about what does it mean to be a person is,initially, quite narrow or damaged or
    simply stupid…Of course,it’s obvious_we shouldn’t view and treat Him as an object
    or some animal or fantastic creature_ either …
    2)He not only permits an individual_personal_relation with Him_but is eager about
    this !As _although He loves the humanity as a whole _He wishes and,of course is
    capable of_ establishing such a personal,individual,relation with each and every one
    of us…And,I can tell you _when you enter in such a relation with Him_He treats
    you like you would be the only human in the Universe !
    3)In order to reach this point _of a personal relation with Him _we have to ask Him_
    to invite Him to come into our LIFE_first of all…And,of course_to mean it !Which
    requires ,from our part_to insist,repeating from time to time_ the invitation and ,
    above all,engage in this problem_ our whole mind and soul_as we are capable at
    that moment.
    4)From that point _you will begin to notice that something good is happening in the
    area of your inner being and into your “external” life_also….

    …And so,even the answer to your most insignificant question or problem_will be given to you.He will answer_and also help you…And He will do this in the most personal and individualised style…He will “speak” your own language !

    But,above all _He will help and guide you to really return to Him !

  7. Thanks for the advice, Mariam…could I have a chance to speak or chat with you personally? I really do nothing now -,-‘

  8. Hi !Here’s a little charade:somewhere on this hospitable blog_which our most
    generous host_Christian,so kindly has made available for us_you’ll find the answer for that…Let’s see how much time you need to find out !

  9. Hello dilla,

    How r u? It is hard to give specific advice when the comment is so non-specific, can u give us more info?
    Christian and people who care

  10. Hello Christian!
    I need to talk to you. so make yourself appear on this blog ^^
    Let’s see how fast someone react to my wish…. 😀

  11. Hello Christian,
    Thanks for the reply and I added you in facebook.
    I am doing fine here:)

    Hope you’re doing great too!

  12. So this to passed, that is the prob with s is that it is a final soln to temp problems, wait it out get meds, hospital anything but it can life and another chapter of ur life will be revealed.

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