The Challenge

One of my biggest challenges is that certain people can be triggers for me,
which means they trigger feelings inside myself, in this case it is the urge to die,
or think fearful and suicidal thoughts.   What kind of people do this to me very attractive
loving women.  Well, I have some out of town visitors and one of then causes this level of
darkness for me, to however I worked through it…  and resorted to my emergency Kava Kava supplements,
that I only take if I am truly crying for help.  Okay well it doesn’t help that I am starting to read the Bell Jar,
I don’t know if I can read it, it caused nightmares for me last night.  You know what maybe I won’t read this story
about a person who decends into depression and kills herself, and yes it is semiautobigraphical so this is what really happened to the author too.  Yes she had a husband and children.

Anyways here is a video for fun, point for you if you watch it to the end.

Kinda Schizophrenic like a “word salad” video.

The Avalanches – Frontier Psychiatrist


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