Reprimanded at Work | My challenge: Job Performance = Self-worth

*warning this may be a trigger for some, do not read if you are sensitive to self destructive thoughts *

This Monday morning I was reprimanded at work for not following through on status emails I was responsible for.  I was treated like a child, forced to sit down in the managers office and have a supervisor from another state on the phone listening in as I was told I “half assed it” and that when “if I say that I am going to do something, I better do it” (this part made me feel like a teenager).  Actually, I have so much fear of this management team that when saw my coworker was sending the required emails and I didn’t want to flood the managers email box.  Anyways…

An area I need to work is not letting my self-worth be defined by any job or any buddy. Easily said.  Well I wish I had this level of health.  I started thinking crazy thoughts that my manager and others want me dead and I wanted to hurt myself, and that this could somehow get back for my negative feedback and as a statement to the fact that others in the company could make the same mistake that I did with no issues.  (This is called a revenge fantasy).  Are they worth myself sacrifice? No, it is just a job.  But I still wanted to die.

Another part of me has illusions of excellence and grandeur by being the *best* employee and when I fail to meet this, I am completely crushed.  (The challenge of perfectionism)  I truly did not enjoy sitting in my cubical, being tortured with visions of self harm.. but after many hours it finally passed.

For some it is simply a reprimand and they go on with their day, for others like myself, this event is a trigger of weeks of dark thoughts, visions of ones own blood being spilled, sleepless nights and helpless feelings.  Maybe through therapy I can find resolution.

I hope that I can be a stronger person.


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