An image

Keep me from the darkness within


6 thoughts on “An image

  1. The darkness is not you and it’s not even yours…And it is as made of glass…
    Laugh a little_and it will broke and vanish away!
    (by the way_I’ve found, yesterday, this ancient Oriental idea that God has worked the Creation by three peals of lough)

  2. I hope so, maybe it is right.

    I always thought that maybe depressed people just need to practice more self distraction and less introspection. Maybe the need to learn more self love. Maybe they just need to learn how to have fun (and laugh).

  3. We have a dog _Daria is her name.She is the love of my life !When we play and I get involved seriously in the playing,participating with all my heart , which makes her very happy_she gets smiling…Cross my heart !
    Although_ I consider laugh as a specific human capacity.It is as if God,when has created man_knowing that hard times are awaiting him_would endow him with this secret power.
    I haven’t read about the neurophysiology of laugh_till now ,but I’ll do it soon.
    And you have ,probably,heard about the Laughter Yoga.
    Not to mention the very interesting ideas found in that book I’ve recommended to you recently_remember ?!
    There_ it is said something about a “happiness set-point” (as in thermostat) that we all have,as an innate feature.Innate_but changeable…
    But more interesting and impacting on one’s life_ is the relation that is established between this level of happiness that a given person has _(which places that person on a certain level of positiveness scale) and the events and people which that person attracts in her/his life…Maybe it is not so scientifically proved _and it’s just another self- improvement/development/help/”Oprah” _fluff ! Still,consider it !Take it as an useful hypothesis_and put it to work…

    And I remember that, years ago (when I was still an atheist and depressed/anxious/deeply unhappy one)_as “by chance”, I’ve stumbled upon the true
    story of an American guy who _after being diagnosed with some incurable illness and being said by the doctors that he would die in 6 month_he refused any treatment and,instead _borrowed a lot of DVDs with comedies and watched them for the next couple of month.And he did that _not because he knew something about these theories about laugh (which are newer )_but,as I can remember _because he wanted to spend in this way_his little remaining time.
    And_he got cured.
    I think that this capacity (and it’s supporting neuronal path)_has to be exercised,even a little a day.
    1) you know that the Antiquity ancestors of my people _those who lived on today’s Romania’s territories _The Dacians_ considered as a most important fact about their after-life fate _that of laughing in the moment of death?!And those surrounding a person in that condition _would laugh for him_to be,in this way,better received on the other part,by gods ?!An idea that is reflected till present times _ in the funeral customs in some rural parts of my country …
    2)if you only could know how many times God Himself responded me with a joke _even in my saddest moments !


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