Running out of time = fear

I am running out of time….

What happens in 30 days?

The birth of my child?  The announcement of lay offs at my company (4-5%) reduction in force (RIFs)?

Both, how life is bitter sweet and ironic.

Time will only tell.


11 thoughts on “Running out of time = fear

  1. Do you know what PASSIONS are?

    Full Psychological Recovery must mean – to heal BODY (the mind) and SOUL both –
    (In search of the role of the soul in psychiatry)

    According to Church knowledge (Greek Orthodox Church), full psychological recovery can only take place by utilizing 2 schools on knowledge that know how to deal with 2 different illnesses. Psychiatry deals by pharmaceutical means the treatment of the body (mind) and the Church through Her Holy Sacraments the treatment (cure) of the ill begotten soul (sin) that is the main cause for the disturbance of the chemical balance (psychological illness) of the brain.

    1. The illness of the body (mind).
    The first illness which is known as a psychiatric illness, in essence is an illness of the body (mind). This type illness that comes as a result of chemical alterations of the brain can only be cured by the science (medicine) of psychiatry.
    2. Illness of the soul.
    The second illness is the illness of the soul that it is known to as sin. According to the Holy Fathers of the Greek Orthodox Church sin “lives” in the center of the heart of a person that is known to be the center of mans psychosomatic self. According to the Holy Fathers the heart is the center of the soul (our psychosomatic self), and it reflects the condition of the eternal self, the one that leaves the body at the moment of death. This is how Lord Jesus describes the illness of the heart through the mouth of Matthew 15-19.
    Furthermore Vainglory, selfishness, jealousy, hatred, murder, lustfulness, gastritis, stinginess, are all PASSIONS that FORCE man (the mind) in a un natural act that is known as SIN.
    What is a Passion
    According to Saint John (6th century) who is the author of “The ladder of virtues”, a passion is a mischievous thought or reflection that burrows into the soul after a last longing exposure that brings about a familiar attraction that seems to become a natural part of ones self that causes the soul to “run to it” (to the passion) willingly and not by force. The soul (the ill begotten soul) is then is committed to the bodily act of sin willingly.
    These un natural acts that are given birth to by the various “passions” come in conflict by mans divine begotten conscience that was given to him in the beginning of his creation Gen 2:7 “Then the Lord God took some soil from the ground and formed a man out of it: he breathed life- giving breath into his nostrils and the man begun to live”
    From the above verse we can see how mans conscience( that is found in the soul) was formed by the Christ like virtues of the soul, passed on to Adam by the divine breath of life, that made him begin to live.
    The “clash” between SIN and CONSCIENCE causes a protracted psychological strain that will sooner or later cause a chemical unbalance of the body (brain) known as a psychiatric illness. The medicine in psychiatry today cures the chemical distortion in the brain but can not cure the passions that have caused the illness that can only be cured by the Church as founded by the Apostles the day of Pentecost 2000 years ago. In other words Psychiatry treats the symptoms not the illnss.The whole sacrifice of our Lord Jesus was to bring into our world the Church that would enable man to heal his soul to become a new creation “the New Adam” otherwise known as “Saint” by enabling him to accept within (the heart/soul) the Holy Spirit. (Matthew 5:8) “Happy are the pure in heart; they will see God!”
    Thus Lord Jesus did not teach philosophically but therapeutically since the purpose of His incarnation was to bring the Church through which man could be cured from the sins that were responsible for “spiritual death” which in essence meant his eternal Separation from God.
    Divine Grace
    The Holy Fathers teach that Divine Grace is one of the streams that spring from the Holy Spirit, it is the coefficient factor of mans theosis (union with God), is Energy that cures the fallen image of man, is Energy that brings purity from sins and passions, is Energy of Divine enlightenment, is an Energy that can only be realized through the participation in the life of the Church.
    Luke 17:21 “No one will say, “Look here it is! Or There it is;” because the kingdom of God is with in you.”
    This is why the Holy Fathers have been describing the Church as a Hospital for 2000 years now, they have been describing her as an “Divine Inheritance” that can lead all of us to a Divine destination (heavenly kingdom). The presence of thousands of Saints in the life of the Church is the proof of Her authenticity.
    Lord Jesus did not come to teach philosophically but THERAPEUTICALLY.

    Your friend and servant Constantinos

  2. No I have never known about the invissible Church. Please inform me if you like. In the Greek Orthodox Church nothng is invisible or hiden, the Holy Fathers have answered everything from the begining because the very base of Orthodox theology is contuct with Dvine Light (God).

    Constaantinos J.W (

  3. Dear Mariam,
    I have never heard of the “invisible Church”. In Orthodoxy everything is on the open to be examined by everyone, there is nothing that has not been answered. The Holy Fathers teach that the very base of Orthodx theology is contucuct with Divine Light (God) a very special event that has been taking place from the very beginning of the creation of the Church the moment of its creation the day of Pentecost.

  4. Hi,Constantinos !First , allow me to say that_You still haven’t answer the question_about what you,personally,are thinking_not only about church problems, but_ about God and one’s relation with Him,in general…
    And it is not as much that I’m asking it_but it’s important and very useful in the same time_ that you ask yourself:”What am I truly thinking about this?!”
    Secondly_we’ll have to ask reader1,our host,here_ the permission to start a debate right here_on his ground.
    And,last_you’ll have to agree that we are friends ; as I couldn’t “argue” on such vital matters_but with a friend , only…

  5. Follow up, the baby was born through a complicated birth and is healthy. Work keeps pushing the date if/when they announce layoffs.

    Lastly my friend did not kill herself on her birthday as she planned – thank god.

  6. Marianne,

    Reading Genesis in the Old Testament we find our immediately that man was created to live in the presence of God. Is that right? Adam and Eve then refused to participate in Gods plan for their further development and growth that was based on the type obedience that was to be based on their true love towards Him. After the withdrawn of His Grace their exile from Paradise, man (mankind) did not have a way to have a Person to person relationship as Adam and Eve did. The purpose of the coming of Lord Jesus (God Logos/ Truth Spoken Words) was to enable man once more to have a Person to person relationship from God.

    The role of the Church created by the Apostles at Pentecost 2000 years ago was for that reason… to provide the necessary therapy (from sin) in order to enable man to see Him, to furthermore unite with Him accepting with in the Holy Spirit, to be Holy like He is Holy (Peter 1, 16).

    The very purpose of the life of the monks on Mount Athos and all other monks in Orthodox Monasteries in the world is to see Him (God) and speak to Him Personally.
    Saint Gregorios (3rd century) description of his personal experience who saw Christ in His Divine Light is used as an example to describe how the Saints are able (become worthy), to see God in His Divine Light (Glory).


    It is true that a lot of people have expectations from God however a lot of people do not know that God has expectations from them too! Those expectations were put down by the Apostles 2000 years ago. The only real claim of the Orthodox Church today is that she has kept everything delivered by the Apostles UNCHANGED. Adam and Eve lost Paradise through disobedience, the rest of us must win it back through obedience.

    You did not have to ask about our friendship… I am honored to be your friend!

  7. Metropolitan Ierotheos Blaxos

    What is Psychiatry?
    Psychiatry –as a branch of medicine – essentially concerns itself with the functions of the brain, the nervous system and its neurotransmitters. I’m just saying this now in layman’ s terms; in other words, psychiatry mainly deals with the physical aspects of the problem. And, just as we show respect towards medicine for all of our body parts, we likewise show respect towards those who approach the organic aspects of the brain, the nervous system (this is also an organ), and the so-called neurotransmitters; this being an attempt made by science today to discover their deeper, organic functions, in order to cure people. It is clearly an organic issue and one has to admit that the majority of the psychiatric branch confesses that the term “psychiatry” is inappropriate, because it bears a physical inference. Very many texts have been written, both in our homeland (Greece) as well as abroad, with regard to the inadequacy of the term “psychiatry”. You see, the term itself confuses matters. It implies a physical approach. We have to make this clear. Therefore, we have nothing against psychiatry in this sense, i.e., if it merely defines the magnitude of a diseased brain, or nervous system, or anything else pertaining to the body. Of course the body can also become ill, through certain functions of the soul. We will examine this later on, but I believe you now understand that psychiatry is a scientific branch – a positive science – which examines a part of the body; it is only coincidental that it happens to be expressing whatever it expresses through an inappropriate label. Besides, in other countries they don’t even speak of psychiatry; they speak of “mental diseases”. Thus, we shall not preoccupy ourselves here with psychiatry, since psychiatry does not attempt to penetrate other areas which it is not familiar with. It is a purely physical operation. I hope this is now clear to you.
    Psych-iatry (Greek): psyche=soul, iatriki=medicine, healing
    What is Psychology?
    Secondly, we have Psychology. Again, the term is unfortunate, because what does Psychology do? It determines how a person behaves under various conditions. In other words, if for example a laborer works in a noisy factory, he becomes tired and ill, because the noise is too much for him. Psychology observes these reactions and reports that: “when there is noise, this man becomes upset”. This is a simple observation of one’s responses. I am telling you this in a very simple manner: Psychology simply observes the reactions of the soul, but the soul itself still remains an unfamiliar thing. Psychology merely observes behavior. Someone sleeps in a place where there is no sunlight, which makes him feel somewhat depressed: this is what psychology will record. It is all about the observing of behaviors, responses.
    Psycho-logy (Greek): psyche=soul, logos=reasoning, study
    What is Psychotherapy?
    And then there is also Psychotherapy. This is the attempt made by certain people, to “heal the soul”. However, it is possible even for a psychiatrist to overstep his boundaries and indulge in psychotherapy. Likewise, a psychologist can also overstep his boundaries (for example, when he comments that a child living in a family that shouts or quarrels is a nervous child at school). This is a psychological observation. But an observation does not constitute an explanation of what the soul is. It is only an observation on how a soul expresses itself; it is only an effort towards curing the soul. I will stress that it is not necessary for one to be a psychiatrist –or a psychologist – to practice psychotherapy. You can also be a psychotherapist, who embraces miscellaneous philosophical views. Psychotherapy is an expressing of the various philosophical perceptions regarding the soul. And this is where the danger lies, because psychotherapy strives to heal the soul, and in fact it even proposes methodologies for the healing of the soul. That is why that which concerns us (and even more so, wherever there is a combining –an incorrect combining– with ecclesiastic- poemantic therapy and confession), is the psychotherapeutic issue. The other specialities, as I said, are specific, provided they do not get out of line; (can a psychologist practice psychotherapy? If he does, then he has deviated from his observational role – the observation of the patient’s behavior).
    Psycho-therapy (Greek): psyche=soul, therapia=healing, therapy
    Respectfully Constantinos

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