Moving forward

I am moving forward and keeping myself in a positive place.

“Depression is the inability to construct a future” Rollo May

This is the challenge that I have is that I am not sure what is going to happen in the future there is a lot of uncertainty in my life.  At any time a new baby is on the way, potential job-loss, isolation, fear and more.

Keep me afloat another day, help me to make my way.



5 thoughts on “Moving forward

  1. When you are with God(and you are with Him_even if you aren’t aware of it,all the time;you are with Him,guarded and accompanied by Him _from the moment you have decided with all your actual,even diminished_ powers of your soul and mind_to return to Him;but,because the word “return”_has some strong and quite scarring implications,the equivalent of it is the one’s asking and inviting God to enter into his own life;that is the moment that triggers everything_the return,the “walking” on the path,the answers and the help…)_you are like a little mouse kept at warmth into His pocket…
    Keep praying,(talking with sincerity,openness and spontaneity_with God)_little mouse !

  2. Maybe God is calling me back, maybe God wants me back to the original elements from which I came, or you think he is testing me with all these life events.

    I am so scared.

    I love the image of a mouse in the pocket.

    Thank you.. for reminding me.. that I am always with Him.

  3. Do you know what is the most difficult part regarding my trying to help you ?
    My “challenge”_as you would call it_a favourite word of yours ?!
    It is_ not to tell you everything I know(and it took so much time for me to obtain it ).But I have to be patient and not to spoil God’s work.I’m like someone who knows the answer of a riddle_and has to keep his mouth shut_because the other one will get his own answer.
    Not that God is playing riddles with you and neither is He punishing you(even if you would be a bad person_He wouldn’t punish you;and you are a good person; I can feel that, plus_this blog speaks about it).Or testing you…But he needs your conscious and reiterated consent for His intervention about your return to Him.
    This means _He needs your desire_your personal one,as little as it might be(at first)_
    regarding His person, your being with Him,allowing His presence into your life.
    There are obstacles to all this work?!You bet_they are !!!
    But those are not placed in your way,surrounding you or on your shoulders _by God.
    Yet _as they are directed to you by “the other,opposite,force”_God uses them as some strengthening device working on that desire of yours about Him.
    Imagine yourself as walking against a big,stormy _wind.The force you would need ,in order to advance, against that wind _would be much stronger than that needed to advance in a normal environment.Your desire towards God _is that force.The bigger the obstacle _the bigger the desire needed…And _the bigger the desire _the bigger the answer (in the form of light,inspiration,good events_you name it ) from the part of God.
    Of course _the bigger the answer(God’s ones ) _the bigger your advancement on the path towards Him…
    You know that somewhere in the Catholic doctrine it is written about “the missionary role of evil”?!Quite funny_isn’t it ?
    But don’t be afraid _it is not something God would prolong too much time doing.It is not a method of choice for Him.As you repeatedly call Him _the strength of those dark and frightening “attacks “will fade,eventually disappearing.
    It’s as if God would tell (to that “other force”) :”See_I’m invited !”

    Yes _there is one that might be called ” the answer of the answers” _from the part of God _toward a man .
    And,this,my friend _I have to keep my mouth (keyboard ) shut about_in order not to spoil your own joy of receiving “It”_directly from God.

  4. Please,please _tell us more about that !!!Give us all the details !So we could rejoice ,also_by feeling and living your thoughts and emotions…Paint those, for us_using words instead of colour tubes !

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