A Dragon Within

Depression is like a dragon,
It attacks when we are weakest and unsure of ourselves (between the age of 15 -22…) and the person may survive.
But the real trick is to learn to tame the dragon,
keep it from attacking,
and after decades of work, a person may become like a wizard, and prevent the next onslaught.
Although no one really knows what triggers the dragon to attack…
And so superstitions are built, things we ought to do to keep it away.
Meanwhile, others that are unaffected  and have no experience with them don’t believe these dragons even exist.
These wizards may take fish oils, herbs, medications, exercise, follow rituals and have talismans…
a person hopes… and others pray, just keep the dragon away another day…

7 thoughts on “A Dragon Within

  1. So beautifully said !You are a poet !
    But, this monster_whose toxic breath induces so much pain in human mind and soul_is afraid of that light which comes from God…In fact_ he “technically”cannot exist in the presence of God’s light.I say “technically”_trying to express the fact that it is not as much a matter of feelings(although the monster does hate God since the beginning of Creation)but a matter of the effect the light of God has upon him (it)_ as in melting of the snow under the sun’s rays action…Because of that_ simply by uttering God’s name,repeatedly_in such difficult emergency moments(as monster attacks) _has a calming effect(as I was saying in another post_if you do remember)_for those who are already in a personal relation with Him.
    But,there are some points to ponder over:
    1)What is God’s name?!How do I have to correctly address Him _in order to reach Him ?
    2)What is to be done by one who wants to really and invariantly,certainly_ receive God’s answer,every time that one calls Him ?!How does someone get to be in a personal relation with God?!

    Although I’m perfectly aware of the huge theological dimension of these two questions_I dare to try to offer some simple responses ,knowing that God will give you further insight upon them…So:
    1)to call God’s name means to think about Him_and even,in such emergency moments,when we do not have time and inner calmness to think about Him_it means to direct our thought to Him, towards Him;to direct rapidly the ray of our mind towards Him .
    He always answers_ even when we are not in a personal relation with Him_but,usually, we are not capable of sensing His answer because there is something like a thick cloud,a dense shadow _laying into our “hearts”(that deep part of our inner being through which God’s “voice”could reach us) that prevents God’s
    answers to penetrate nor to our conscious understanding neither to the more profound level of our inner being(that part of which we are not conscious of)_before we consciously and really meaning it _do invite Him to come into our life(of course with the intention of having Him forever in our life_not as a temporary presence) and,by doing this_enter in a personal relation with God.What happens when we do that ?!When doing that_we allow God to enter into our heart,and He dissipates great part of that shadow;we often feel that this has happened_ as a sudden relief_on the conscious level ;which is a sign that God’s light has entered into our heart.
    2)As a conclusion_in order to “hear” God’s answers and even to have His light coming into our heart_we need to make that invitation;we need that for many reasons but,to keep it as simple as possible, I’ll say that _first of all _we need it because we have to be freed of that cloud or shadow from our heart.That has to be removed_and not only removed, but also has to be replaced by it’s opposite.And God does both,transforming our heart,making it capable to receive more and more light (answers) from His part.On the conscious level _this manifests as understanding,as knowing_as knowledge;all of a sudden we begin to understand more and more _everything.It is as a veil is removed from our mind.But,to our surprise _we also begin to understand God Himself_because God likes to speak to us about Himself,He wants us to know Him,to understand Him…
    From the moment of that invitation_we have to persist in our intention (desire) about having God in our life.Most important is _that we entrust to Him(not to anyone else !),our inner transformation and our guidance on this path _the path of our return to Him (these two_the transformation and the path_ are,in fact,the same thing;but about this_I’ll explain some other time).
    As we can see_we have only one thing to do :desire God.The rest is His work.

    P.S And, if you ask yourself why would God feel obliged to answer to that invitation ?!
    Out of compassion,above all_I would say…
    P.P.S What happens with the rest of the shadow(cloud)_which hasn’t been removed in the beginning,when God entered in our heart ? This_to be continued…

  2. The dragon or beast within always comes back. I’m still alive and fighting but there are times that dragon screams and it’s fire boils my soul and sears my spirit. The usual rituals have become less effective and at 40 it is hard to find new spells to keep this beast at bay.

  3. You know what is amazing?! That_since several weeks ago,I’ve remembered about a movie that I had seen 2-3 years ago_with J.Lopez,Eric Stoltz and John Voight;maybe you have seen it too;the story is about a team of innocent scientific researchers of the Amazonian forest _who find themselves confronted with a colossal beast_ a huge,horrible ,mean snake, living in the waters they had to travel through(when it came out of the water,rising towards their boat_it looked just like this dragon, here)…Ever since that movie has come to my memory_I’ve had the thought to try to tell you about it and,most of all_using it’s story and images _to try to explain about the beast that is attacking humans from within_even when they are not suffering of depression or other illness…(But I wasn’t sure how it would be told_in order not to scare you or anybody else).
    As it is the master of the inner collective “waters”(collective unconscious).In the Bible_Jesus spoke about “the master of this world”…
    Imagine my surprise_when seeing your post,here !

  4. Hi,Dreamweaver !
    I don’t know why_but your post wasn’t in place when I was composing mine( last one).Would you be so kind _and tell us how did you arrive here ?It would be very interesting for us,all_to see God’s exquisite work on this occasion !

  5. Thank you all for post. Hey dream weaver I hear you about running out of tricks. I know what you mean.
    Maria thabk u always for ur impashioned plea for a higher power watching us. My favorite is that we r just a mouse in his pocket. 😉 stay positive all.

  6. Psychiatric Illness
    Depression and Consciousness
    No dragons here!
    Psychiatry deals with the illness of the mind which in essence is an illness of the body because it deals with an interruption of the normal chemical balance of the brain.

    Origin of the chemical imbalance
    The origin of the chemical imbalance (the disturbance treated by the medicine of psychiatry) comes as – a natural reaction – of the mind (body) to un-natural behavior (functioning of the mind) known as “sin-sins” that are driven by the “Passions” (unnatural desires), that are known to take over (possess) the soul (heart).


    What is a Passion
    According to Saint John (6th century) who is the author of “The ladder of virtues”, a Passion is a mischievous thought or reflection that burrows into the soul after a last longing exposure that brings about a familiar attraction that seems to become a natural part of ones self that causes the soul to “run to it” (to the passion) willingly and not by force. The mind is then committed to the bodily act of sin willingly.

    These un natural acts (sin) that are acted out by the mind, not only stand in the way of mans ability to choose freely, but come in confrontation with mans very conscience that was (is) divinely begotten during mans creation as described in Genesis 2:7.

    Genesis 2:7 “And the Lord God formed man [of] the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.”
    From this verse above we can see how the – conscience of man – was created having “a Christ like (divine) morality” through the Divine “BREATH of LIFE” which with God made Adam into a living soul. This way of mans creation enables man to also be described as existing as the “likeness of God”. The conflict between SIN and CONSCIENCE (the moral character of Christ) causes an extended psychological conflict (controversy) between the body (mind) and spirit (conscience) that eventually results to the alteration of the weakest of the two the mind.

    Depression is a psychosomatic illness experienced that is initiated from the violation of the self consciences by mans mind which is described to work only normally when coinciding with the consciences of the heart which is heavenly oriented and Christ centered. The illness of the mind (the chemical alteration-reaction) is Gods philanthropist way of “warning self and others” of a presence of an illness.
    This is the reason why, the Holy Fathers (Saints) of Orthodoxy teach that our Lord Jesus did not come to teach philosophically buy THERAPEUTICALLY. Lord Jesus (His Church) came to cure the ill begotten heart (soul) (Matthew 15:19) that is found in the center of our psychosomatic self that will represent our eternal self (who we are going to be in His presence) from the moment of the souls exit (death) till and after Kingdom comes.
    To Cure Man The therapy of man in essence has to do with the cleansing of the nous (mind) and the heart (soul) of man who is created in the image of God, the bringing back of the mind to the ancient primordial beauty and something more, his presence (union) with God. When man becomes a Temple of the Holy Spirit (Sainthood) then it can be said that a cure was accomplished. Those who where cured are God’s Saints. Sainthood is described as supernatural way of being (this is how the Apostles did all those miracles), and also described as one being “a god by the Grace of God”
    The following two verses describe all the reasons we need to participate in the Life of the Church in order to be cured.
    Matthew 5:8 “Blessed [are] the pure in heart: for they shall see God”(this how the Saints get Revelation).

    2 Corinthians: 4:6. “God makes His Light shine in our hearts, to bring us the knowledge of God’s glory shining in the face of Christ. (this describes Union with God – Sainthood – )

    Lord Jesus did not come to teach philosophically, he came to teach THERAPEUTICALLY.

    Respectfully your friend and servant

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