Learning Self Forgiveness

Today I am learning self-forgiveness, where if I am beating myself up over something I did I am learning to stop. To do this I am learning to simply journal and forgive myself. The idea is to document what is upsetting me and MOVE ON. Catching ones self in negative cyclical self talk is self defeating…

Details: Basically today I became outspoken in a meeting today, where at my company only those in management can talk and everyone else is suppose to remain silent. The concept is that it is “above my pay grade” to make or influence decisions. Well today I had an option and decided to express it. I am university educated, have over 10 years work experience with a future 100 company, why shouldn’t I speak up? We are supposed to speak through our managers… anyways I violated a unwritten rule and have punished myself with imaginary reprimands from and scenarios in my mind were they are laying me off so I stopped myself, documented my feelings and thoughts, and told myself, move on… it is a challenge not to ruminate and become depressed over one’s behavior. I think it shows strength that I have self awareness and am trying to stop my mind from cycling into despair.
Note: Painting by Tooker


3 thoughts on “Learning Self Forgiveness

  1. Yes,indeed,much strength is required in someone’s heroic battle with depression!
    Allow me to give you this piece of advice_without getting too much into explanations :treat yourself _as you would be another person…Let say that you would not be dealing with yourself_but with me,or Agy,or Dreamweaver or Constantinos,
    Katrina,Karen_or any other of those who are visiting your blog.Talk to yourself in the same manner you would do to one of us.Don’t be afraid to split or duplicate yourself in this way _as there are ,anyhow,more “personas” in every human being.Let the stronger persona of yours to help and guide and be supportive_towards the feeble and frightened one…Maybe it would be better put if I’d say:speak and treat yourself as you would be your little brother.With kindness and sympathy and patience.
    And I don’t mean it as a metaphor,only !But really to have this inner dialogue(expressed in words_not in ideas,thoughts or images_but words and feelings !;) _especially when you have some difficult moments to pass through…

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