Success and Rest

Well I worked hard this week had many challenges which would normally trigger me into dark depression but somehow I prevailed. I kept telling myself be resilient, “hang-on and you can make it till the next day!”

I had a review at work, which always makes me get really depressed.  This one was by 2 supervisors and was 85% positive but they told me I need to show more leadership, ect, ect…. normally I would be upset, but then after work, I was leading the Depression and Bipolar Support Group (DBSA) meeting for the greater Chicago Area which went very well, and well that shows leadership… so what are they talking about?.. the answer? they are wrong.

Maybe the trick to success and health living is having so many things going on, that if anyone of them starts providing negative feedback, you can just over look it, say “that is their problem not mine” and “I am a good person” instead of the “I am flawed and not worth living” self defeating talk.  So basically I am working on changing how I think about myself for the better as I am working to fight depression and self distructive thinking.

Other challenges included an exam, take home exam, running a project review and helping a friend try feel better about turning 40.

What’s next, A BABY, yep any-day I will be a father.

Hang in there all!  Ur worth it!



2 thoughts on “Success and Rest

  1. I’m so happy & proud,for you_about all these !(only the fact of seeing the enumeration_gave me “vertigo” already).
    Maybe you’ll find some time to give some details about the DBSG meeting ?!

  2. Hello,
    Yes I am just trying every day and not overly emotionally investing in any one thing. Trying to stay focused my results and not looking to others for approval. It is a real change for me.. trying to be strong, trying to be resilient.

    The DBSA meeting was great so glad to help people, general discussion on coping skills: journaling, exercise, etc. Then discussion on drug side effects and lifestyle changes living with depression/bipolar to get enough sleep every night and staying away from alcohol (and for me caffeine)… staying balanced..

    Take care!

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