Things are progressing

While things are still chaotic with the wife in the hospital, everything is progressing… she is being healed.

I guess there is some kind of magical life force that helps bring people together to provide support and caring during this time.  I am trying so hard to stay positive, stay in the present and tell myself everything is going to be okay.


5 thoughts on “Things are progressing

  1. Congratulation Chris!
    She has a nice name! and you are really a good father/husband 🙂 you should proud of yourself;)
    You could also put two names right? like Evelyn Anne…
    And would you show us how cute she is???

    everything is fine and once again,congratulation! 🙂

  2. Hi !Dilla!What beautiful words and warm tone_ you’ve offered with your previous post !

    Let’s meet here,friends_all of us,visitors of this blog,next week and_have a…PARTY !With nice and warm words,smiles and all our good energy_in the honour of this blessed baby !

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