Friends rejection…

It is so hard, I have an xfriend who just had a baby same day as I.  We were in the scouts together as teens, we were good friends then but when I had to go to the hospital because of depression… we were never friends again.  Now that I am back in town, 20 years later and have kids that are exactly the same ages and we each just each had a baby girl on 10/11/10 (such a coincidence).  I want to be his friend again, but he would not return my calls, but who knows, I think some people, even old friends are afraid that mental illness will spread – or maybe I rejected him when I withdrawaled from everyone coming back from the hospital.  Do you think that cancer patients loose friends other there sickness?

(quiz) By the way can anyone name the movie that this picture is from?


6 thoughts on “Friends rejection…

  1. Oh and btw…I agree, I think that people think that MI is so catchy! It’s not and it is a shame that so many of us are treated that way. If you are loosing a friend over mental illness then do you really want to be friends with someone that can’t accept you for who you are or what you are going through or what you have been through. If it was meant to be, it will! 😀
    But I know that does not make it any easier for you! For that, I’m sorry!

  2. I guess you may be right. I just think somehow it was my fault.

    Good new tomorrow wife may be discharged from the hospital.

  3. You know what, I have hurt some good people through my illness. The people that I have hurt understand it and forgive me before I even ask. That is what I good friend does. Yes, their have been many times that my MI had affected relationships, and yes it is my fault, BUT a good friend is going to look past thoes faults and accept you for what and who you are. Please don’t beat yourself up, you have enough on your plate right now as it is.
    I hope that you all get out of that hospital today!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. And of course you know, already_ that depression comes with this specific symptom : strong tendency towards auto-accusation and feeling guilty about anything and everything .And,even when the depressive episode has ended _some elements of it’s symptoms still remain,a while,after the depression itself has gone.
    This is why I’ve said that you have to learn to be more careless .
    Shrug and say :”so,what !”

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