(Dr Jeykell & hyde) PDR on herbal medicine

As a birthday gift I had requested the PDR (physicians desk reference) on herbal medicine. As depra chopra says the prescriptions (Rx) removes the intelligence from medicine. I think that Rx can be like drano to the body too strong harsh and possibly addictive. My quest to find natural solutions to the following –
Sleep Aid – right now I use 1200 mg of passion flower or Rx Sonata or Rx Lunesta ( but the Rx’s are too strong and it is like going unconsous instead of a good night sleep.)
My goal would be to find the right one or mix of herbals that works for me. HTP seems like a good start.
Antidepressant – right now I use a combo of Rx would like more natural soln. Tried st john, SAMe and others.
Acute Antidepressant agent – right now there is no such Rx on the market however benodiazapines like zanix or antiphychotics are administered by drs. For me I use the herb 400 mg of kava kava to help generate a state of well being when I have an emergency. (Kava is hard to find) In the past, until the episode subsides, I administered prescription sleep aids to “sleep it off” like a person does with alcohol accept for me it is dark feelings, as a means of keeping myself safe. In the more recent past I had used 5mg to 2mg of repiserol. For me a normal episode will last for 4-12 hrs. This is why when a dr has a person in this state they put them in general observation for 24-48 hrs, and when a person comes out of it they frequently wonder what happened? (This is how u can save a persons life by getting them to a hospital if they r in this state.). It is kinda strange like being dr Jekyll and mr hyde I guess, where I have to watch myself. I quietly struggle with this since it is too scary to tell anyone, I kinda self manage this (although I do tell my pdoc and tdoc.)
A calming agent – currently I use Rx lorenapam but I am looking to natural alternatives (maybe a heavy dose of lemon balm, camomile or valarium?)

Perhaps I share too much, but since I have learned how to tame this dragon, I have been permitted to live, I only hope others can find hope in my struggle.


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