Time will tell

They are starting to lay people off this week, I was told 6 months ago that I would be put on the list, 12 people out of 400 in my area.

By the way, major life events (bad and even good) can be stressors that cause depression.

My recent life events are:

1. Birth of my daughter – challenging but successful (more for my wife than I 😉    )
2. Friend did not take her life on birthday – success
3. Brother safe from military trip to mideast- success
4. Job – time will tell (I feel like “dead man walking” the expression used for those on death row )

So now I just have to wait for number 4… 7 days I will know…

No wonder I am not feeling 100%.

(positive thinking, positive thinking… I keep telling myself)


2 thoughts on “Time will tell

  1. Let’s be smarter than the enemy_ and use this time of pressure in your life_ as a lever meant to get you closer to God !How are we going to do that ?!Well,give me several hours_and I’ll come back with a detailed plan.Meantime_try to think about God.
    I know it is very hard,now_ to find that peace of mind favourable to concentration_on any matter ;and that so much more difficult it would be to concentrate on this subject_which might appear such distant and abstract ,to you_in these moments.So _you’ll have to rely on me !On my prayer.As _although I care very much about all your problems_in the same time I am more detached and can concentrate better in prayer these moments.Believe me _this has become quite personal to me.
    But the energy of your aspiration(desire)of getting out successfully from this turmoil _this energy,by being attached to your thought addressed to God_will act as a desire of God Himself.
    This is the reason why most of the people have begun their true personal relation with God(even without having this well defined intention,at least in the beginning)_in times of great sorrows.
    As I’ve said_give me some more hours but_here’s a piece of advice for now:instead of keeping your thoughts clung to this layoff problem(as you have all the reasons to do so_I couldn’t agree more!),redirect them towards God anytime that preoccupation would appear(and this would be ,probably_all the time).
    Think of Him as The Creator of the Universe(instead of simply using the word God;I’ll explain later why ).
    And,last_re-read my previous posts,here_on your blog.I’m sure they will sound more insightful to you now_than first time.
    I’ll be back…

  2. This some of the best advice I have ever had, it was wonderful this morning and get this message. As I am being bombarded by many things this advice is deeply helpful. Focus on one thing that brings u confidence, look to God…

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