The axe has passed

Yea! I did not get layed off!
The axe has passed one person out of the cube row beside me and one person out of the next cube row and I have been spared (thank god).
Total layoffs in my area were 11 or 4.8%
I feel good it was not me, but bad for those that were here.
They were escorted out of the building this morning.

As we sat in the meeting room, they said "those that are layed off, are not in this room" and everyone frantically looks around to see if there colegues are there. The the people who were layed off had already been taken out of the building, before the meeting. These are people with families, etc. They tried to make us feel better, like "they have a package"… and this and that, but they are still layed off. This contrasted with record profitability at my company makes one wonder what is happening in America. At the meeting, "does anyone have any questions?" silence…. I would like to say we grew by a large precentage and almost hit a billion dollars, why are these people being laid off, especially when some have worked for the company over 20 years?… but like the others I remained silent. So I will file this way, in my memory banks, and when I am asked to miss my children’s birthday or stay late on the night of my anniversivery…..

The challenge was this entire process was exhasting and I, guess that it cost me in emotional energy and upset about $20K. So what am I going to do about it? I think it is important to keep my options open.

Thanks all for following me through this and the support.


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