Feeling like a zero, yet a Hero (kinda)

Just the other day I was posting on how I was saved, not fired.  Well today I was sitting at work (in the cubical farm of corporate america in the IT shop of XYZ insurance company) an my coworker announced, hey Christian your number one.  And I look over the sea of computer screens with my name and an image of a gold metal (stolen from a Army Navy Store Site).  I was number one for answer the most support tickets…. I love helping people.

However with this new baby causing me to get no sleep I am feeling really, really low about life.  I am watching myself.

Not to complain but:

Oh yea, after the birth I used up all my sick days and there is no leave for new mothers or new fathers.  Nice..

While having the new baby and the time after I missed signing up for next years medical savings account which I used to pay for my mood disorder, the answer – it is already closed not acceptions…

From the technological coal mines of IT America, I bid you good day.


One thought on “Feeling like a zero, yet a Hero (kinda)

  1. Hi ! Just enjoyed your post !But what are the “support tickets”?
    By “coincidence”_I’ve read only 2 days ago a comment of a guy who was saying about himself :”I am a slave on the IT plantation”.and I was surprised_as I considered this activity very cool(not hard work,yet very rewarding_something like that).
    As for the medical account_maybe this is a sign that you won’t need treatment for mood disorders in the future_because there won’t be any !No mood disorders!Nada !Zilch !.
    Mark my word !

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