Shunning – or so I think

am blamed for a mistake a work, however it is another person’s fault
now I will be ignored for a whole week.  It is like how the Amish Shun someone.


The Amish

The funny part is that I don’t know if they are *really* ignoring me or if it is just in my mind.


3 thoughts on “Shunning – or so I think

  1. Hi !I think it is not “just in your mind”,but_you are sensing it all as through a magnifying glass.In our country there was a writer which is considered among our classics,named Caragiale;(he lived between 1852-1912 and is studied in school,etc).In one of his letters addressed to a friend, he said :”I feel enormously and monstrously _see”.He was not suffering from depression (as far as I know) but these words came to my mind when I was trying to define what is happening to you. I think it is some sort of hypersensitivities which might not be due to depression but is an expression of your intuition and emotional intelligence or your empathy,even.You shouldn’t blame yourself for that_isn’t it ?!
    But what you should work on is _the importance that you confer to all these manifestations of group psychology (which aren’t even wholly conscious for for those people expressing them).
    I don’t want to just say :”ignore” them_which would be such a banality ;but,instead I’d suggest you to strengthen your self esteem,your goodness to yourself and your resilience.
    Also_keep practicing all the positiveness exercises you were doing.
    Read Kipling’s poem “If”
    And,of course _think about our discussions about God.As,when you think about Him _His answers come to you.

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