Mental Distraction – a way to survive

Hello all,
I am making it…
What has helped?

Mental distraction, 4 me my stats class, I got an A
VICTORY – I think that I no longer have test anxiety, I have overcome it. This used to be a disability, I had anxiety so bad over tests, and now I am able to make it…
CONCEPT – so imagine that depressed people are very intelligent people but if the don’t keep their minds occupied it turns on itself like a hungry lion on his master. So for me I have to keep my mind occupied and according to tests from a universtity psyc testing center, my mind is 2 Devations from the norm which means that I am in the upper 97th percentile. Yet I do get down so I will work to keep my mind occupied, art, books, movies ect. This concept of occupying my mind is from a book called emotional intellegence.

Where’s Christian been? So for my stats class I authored the equations sheets for the exams,

so that everyone could do better! (I posted one for you to check out)

1) Exam 1 Equation Sheet

2) Exam 2 Equation Sheet

3) Exam3_EquationSheetv3

Check them out for fun.

Be well and keep on trying.

I keep making progress in my life… it is possible.



6 thoughts on “Mental Distraction – a way to survive

  1. I learn something from your entry that is: to always keep my mind occupied with something that I like to do 🙂

    Thank you! Wish you great days!

  2. It’s good to be able to find the successes while going through tough periods. There are times when I don’t even feel like doing anything, but then I remember that the new day won’t necessarily be as terrible as the one before. I’ve also tried meditation exercises from Dr. David Fox who wrote Comfort Healing and Joy. It’s one of the books that I consult whenever I feel myself having panic attacks or getting overwhelmed. Keep up the great blog!

  3. Here’s a joke:

    Theory_is when I know everything ,but_nothing works !
    Practice_is when everything works fine,but_I haven’t got a clue,why !
    Theory+practice,combined_is when nothing works and I can’t figure out why !
    Wisdom_is when nothing works,I don’t know why is that and_ I don’t care !

  4. Wow Thank You so much for your posts Maria, starting to feel much better. I hope that you are enjoying getting ready for Christmas!


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