the darkness cometh

The darkness cometh like the black crows in the van goth painting. The molasses blackness fills my soul, I clutch a crusafix as if it will provide some type of protection. I wait for the sleep aid to take hold so I can sleep off the attack. Pls pls know that I am a good person, that I am kind, that I help people, pls let my works spare me this. The clocks tolls, I continue to hold my breath for the Rx… Here comes the demons, saying I am not good enough, I am not worth the air. Breath, that my heart is a clock ticking to its own end, deeply desperate thoughts. This is what an episode is, this is what takes over the mind. I deserve this, no matter how far I run, 2000 + km to Brazil I still have this, no mater how rich I could be, I have this…

Must be hopeful, must think of joy, fight, tears flows like streams…


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