Company Holiday Party


Today I handed out Christmas cards at work to my coworkers and managers.   Later in the day, we had a Christmas party and my second line manager, who hired me and had said some negative things about me earlier in the year, I went up to and told him, well you can you my Christmas  card on your dart board… I know that you needed another one from last years….   Why did I say such a crazy thing?… Just keepin it real.



One thought on “Company Holiday Party

  1. Hi ! I imagine that what you were actually saying was:”I know that you don’t have me at your stomach and_ that you have used my last year’s Christmas card as a dart target, so_here’s another one,maybe you’ll need it!”
    Well,I think it is a good and innocent joke.
    How was the party ?
    Have you begun to read “Joseph und seine Bruder “,or_have you been lazy &reluctant about that ? Tsk-tsk !

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