Happy Winter Solstice (& other holidays ;-) )

Happy Winter Solstice \ (summer solstice in the Southern Hemisphere)

The holidays are upon us, what ever you celebrate, please take a moment and take it in, be in the moment and feel it.

On a personal note –

Just trying to keep it all together as I get through the holidays, everyone is sick in my house, I have vaporizers, vapo rub and even baby vapo rub on my son.  Me? Well I am not sick so I am helping out around the house, happy to do it to keep things rolling.  Ah yes, I am hosting Xmax for my extended family so that too is keeping me busy.

A friend that I support says – “Sorry about ur wife and son. (being sick) Christian do u know how lucky u r to have that family. Things like that are not a given, take it from me. No one could have ever told me my life would be what it is right now. I would have asked, why me? I would have nevr thought I’d be depressed pathetic and literally alone in every way.”

Stay Cool,


PS – I have been enjoying deadmau5 – (super sick)



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