My Depressed Friends

It is a challenge, I have selected to work/help individuals with depression, in hopes that I can help them and in the process help myself.  But now I want more, I am trying to reach out and have friendships, the challenge is however that many of my friends, maybe don’t really want to have “a friendship,” or the don’t know how to have “a friendship,” which is why they are depressed and isolated in the first place.  I care for them, would do anything for them but know that something simple like going to the movies, lunch or hanging out may not be in the cards ;-(

As I would tell them, please don’t give up, keep on trying.

Are you a loving, sensitive individual, who genuinely cares for others?
Would you like to be my friend 😉
Perhaps I ask too much, but I know that when a person (myself) wants to start making friends,
it is a good sign that I are starting to do well. (Recovery)

Peace & Love,



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