Passed over for supervisor position

Getting passed over for supervisor position
It is really tough… it just reminds me of all of my corp work and that I have never been a super or manager, I am just not viewed that way I guess. The problem is that this sparks all sorts of internal feelings of that I am not good enough or worthy. Well that’s just Super, the analytical me says, no worries just keep urself together for the next 24 hours, engage in emotional distraction like watching a comedy-movie rental,, take 4 caps of kava kava, have a hot bath, take passion flower, go to sleep early and tomorrow will be a new day. I am still, smart lovable and a worthwhile individual. It doesn’t matter that my brother is almost a US General and army leader, – just need to accept my life and appreciate all the things that I have. Fxck it! (Sorry that last exclictive just slipped out)


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