The Man who was King

I helped a man tonight who had everything, high end condo, cars, many thousand dollar suits, high end sales job with a fortune 500 company but he also had a darkside running gambling, 6 different girl friends, not sleeping and many other manic behaviors. Then the day came when he told is beautiful girlfriend about his affairs and she left him, it broke is heart and the world came tumbling down, she meant so much to him more than he every knew nor could except. And now his soul is filled with anxiety, where once he could command and international sales strategy session, he is afraid to go the the movies or leave his house.

He asked what is happening? they say I have bipolar but I don’t believe it. Maybe it is the medications that are causing all this anxiety and profus uncontrollable crying? I told him it will be okay, everything is okay, it is like the life you lead was a tightly stretched rubberband and then one day your body/mind / heart could not take it anymore and it is now a rubber band at rest.  There is a natural balance which are being needs which includes a support system, spirituality and striving of inner balance.  However it may seem that your job dominated all.  Instead of being triple booked you are now unbooked and your afraid, please accept the fear and know that it will leave like the fog does over a city. You are still morning the loss of the woman who meant more that you could know or would let yourself feel.

My dear friend, the first step is acceptance, forgiveness and learning self love. “But my hand is trembling” I am so afraid… No, worries the trembling is your body getting adjusted to the Lithium and your fear will subside, it is okay. For me I use the montra “all is well, all shall be well” perhaps it can help you.

He goes on, “I used to do so much I was… (god)…”

It is okay to be where we are today, I reassure him, I go on to say: You are meant to be here. It is as if you have been running on solid ground your whole life and suddenly you find yourself in the middle of a huge skating ring. You try to stand and fall down, you ask why can’t I stand? and become afraid because , you have walked upon solid ground decades…., but now things are different.  First acknololog that things have changed.. second even though you can hardly walk on the ice, accept that it is scary but you can learn… finally please allow your self to ask for help as you did this night… And you will find someone will bring you some ice skates.. but you have to ask.. slowly you will learn to skate… slowly you will forgive yourself.. slowly you will learn balance.. spirituallity / relationships / occupation – must be in harmony…. you are a lovable caring person… it’s not the medications… you may be bipolar or suffer from depression, do not be afraid, as you are not alone, for we have learned to ice skate and you can too. 😉



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