The black hole in my heart

My depression is a black hole in my heart.  And it seems that I can plug the hole, temporarily, is to help others people, and oddly enough it is others with depression/bipolar disorder.  I find my self leading group sessions and spending hours in the night listening to others pain and providing hope, showing coping techniques and educating them on medications.  But after helping another it only lasts about 24 hours and the hole reopens and the darkness creeps in.  How to stop it? I know that money, sex, work can also help temporarily but I have found helping those in need provides the greatest relief for me.

So what does my logical self say?  If helping, causes you to feel better for 24 hours, try helping everyday and you will be whole.

Bless you all on the great river called life.


One thought on “The black hole in my heart

  1. Maybe it’s that lack_that “hole”_which can be filled but only by the presence of God.I’m quite sure that what you are feeling is,in fact,a longing brought into your soul by your intrinsic need about God…C’mon,friend _in the name of good & practical psychology_treat your soul properly and give him what he ‘s crying for !

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