Overshooting Recovery

So there was an individual and he had some levels of depression and ultimately the perscribed Effexor, which is very powerful antidepressant which works on 2 neurotransmitters, making it especially potent. The result was as he was on the medication he had a full blow manic episode, and did things completely our of character including strip clubs, gameling and more. The result was he lost his job, his wife left him and more.

The take way from this for me is to:
I should be aware of my behavior
be aware my mood
be aware how I treat others
be aware of how medication affects you.
This level of conscience is hard to establish.

Good luck and be well!


2 thoughts on “Overshooting Recovery

  1. I took effexor, its not anything to be afraid of; like any med, it affects certain people certain ways. I was at 300 mgs, which is the highest, and I was fine.

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