Feeling maginalized followed by rage

Wow, my mind cannot stop, having real issues ;-(

What trigger it being so marginalized a work.
I used to be on wall street in manhattan and help build and sell the digital infrastructure for these institutions. Then I thought I would move back home to chicago take a sleepy job in IT. well in my current job they have decided to build a records manger solution which by the way I used to lead building in my last job. So they contacted my old company, had people flown in and even did a proof of technology, all by leaving me out of the process. I feel that my current company either doesn’t like me, is embarsed by me, or simply doesn’t believe in my abilities. Meanwhile they a flying the new ‘boy wonder’ up from dallas to sit in all the meetings.
Perhaps it was my rudeneSs ot the xmas party? Perhaps I was to outstoken on the last project? (Which a dear friend of me says was mania?
Could it be that I am trying to get a masters degree while my bosses don’t even have an undergrad degree?
I cannot sleep, my mind is spinning,
Should I go in the office on my work from home day, and confront my manager (2 lines up) while my good friend says stay away from him? Should I stay home and sleep it off with heavy Rxs until the rage subsides?

Having knowledge but being ignored is so painful.

God take my rage away, make me indifferent to my work and let me feel the love and joy which my family brings.



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