New Beginnings…

I should look at this time of upcoming free wheeling as a chance to do anything?

Anything!? Yes anything…  (as always make a list 😉  )  Open your mind… move past what you know… and position my self to learn new things, new friends and new beginnings… Dive into despair?  No, I will rise above it.

So first make a list of the things I would love to do/learn – it doesn’t have to be for school, work and resume, just want I want to do, what I want to be, start living the dreams, I have…

Freedom from Drs, councilors, family and almost everything.. 2 weeks..

My right brain kicks in and says make a list:

1) The language Portugueses
2) Practice Drawing Talent
3) Go to the Symphony, the Opera, a Play, a Movie, Dance and Ballet
4) Learn to do magic
5) Make new balloon animals
6) Learn how to spin glowsticks (Poi)
7) Go to some crazy places XXX


Enlist the help of friends, hire people anything…


1) Sent out an email to 2 Portuguese tutors
2) I will check the web for drawing workshops: School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Colombia, ect
3a) Symphony – get student ticket to the Chicago Symphony Orchestra – Go alone? if I have to.
3b) Opera – Lyric Opera – they are showing Carmen and others… Go alone… Well I could pay my friends to go ;-( but I will try to schedule it.
3c) Play – “Sex with Strangers” at the Steppenwolf (Maybe on a Sunday afternoon & student tickets)
3d) A movie – Black Swan – is that really a good idea, dark movie and your alone… I agree may not be a super idea but I really want to see it… May I will try to ask a few friends…anyone? 😉
Ballete – Jaffery Ballet, Dance – Harris Dance Theatre
4) Learn Magic &  5) Balloon Animals  – enlist the power of a magician – pay him per hour to learn secrets.
Yellow pages or the internet.
6) Glowsticks – this is called glowsticking, get some and practice, find a teacher of POI they can help… cool…
7) Crazy places – Indiana here I come!
8) New Clothes? – Find a cool friend and go… No, no not Ralph Lauren or Brooks Brothers… Lets get cool, try resale shops…

I refuse to die boring, I refuse to have depression kill me, I will find the power to learn new things, to love and be loved, to live another day.  Please know that YOU (yes, you)  reading this give me the psychic power to keep going.


Peace Love Unity and Respect

Christian – Here comes the Mania….


2 thoughts on “New Beginnings…

  1. Always happy to get your reply 🙂
    I speak Malay and English language.
    I have learned Arabic,Chinese-mandarin and Dutch 🙂
    Best of luck for your Portuguese Language’s class!

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