Charlie Sheen – ravaged by mental illness

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Charlie Sheen seems to be suffering from a bipolar disorder or at least that is was some experts are thinking. Wild behavior, erratic word salad combinations (20/20 interview), psychotic episodes of rage forcing his wife to file a restraining order. The sad part is he doesn’t know, he says instead “yes I am on something and it is called Charlie Sheen” and “Bipolar disorder, what is that.” I pray he gets some help and I pray that he gets the level of awareness which he needs to fight this illness or I fear that we will simply have another famous person pass away in the next 24 months. I wish mental illness on no one, manic behavior were no amount of sex satisfies his hunger only compounded by cocaine and other drugs. I hope he has kindness in his heart, to be kind to himself. (I also acknowledger all the destruction and emotional devastation that his family has had to suffer from his illness.)

“I have one speed, I have one sphere, GO!”

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One thought on “Charlie Sheen – ravaged by mental illness

  1. I am so glad seeing comments like yours. Mental illness is a horrible disease. From family experience, I want to let everyone know: 1) You can be fuctionally in society if you are treated with the right medication. 2) You do not have to be on drugs to have or get this disease.3) You would be suprise on how many people have this but is hush hush because society is under educated about mental illness. I hope the best for him and his family.

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