A person who radiates pure light

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I met a person this evening who emits pure white energy.   She (a firespinner)  functions in both the physical – acrobatics, poi, glowsticking, glowstinging and on a higher plane of an intellectual level by her understanding and technical depth of web computing and technology meanwhile living in Chicago.  I was honored to have a tutorial session on in the orbital studio which provided the freeing release which I had needed.  It was the kinda of chakra tuning that I needed.  I had a lesson in poi with some of the techniques.  While I am still a beginner she has mastered this were she can make objects appear to spin by themselves.  Does she know the extent of her talent? Does she feel the joy that she brings others?

I believe that we interpret reality based on our perceptions of the stimulus around us, meaning that we basically alter reality from our past experiences and assume that all other are just like us.  I bet Kate, may know her talent but also may think that many others are just like her, I think she is deeply unique and is a beacon on divergent thinking in a city of Chicago with operates as a laborious industrial machine grey machine running in a straight line.  The point of all this?  Have an idea, google it, find the expert and see if you can meet them and have a lesson; open yourself beyond the metaphorical cubical in which our minds live to others who can spin circles around us.

Be well – reach for enlightenment.


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